Cantonment Primary School

Below are a selection of examples of how Gardeny can transform gardens with a combination of great garden design, quality garden landscaping and skilled workmanship.



The indoor plants along the foyer is unhealthy and dull making the school foyer feels like unwelcoming and less inviting.


The Challenge

The aim is to create a more vibrant and welcoming environment to the students.

The biggest challenge is to consider the visual and the selection of the plants in the foyer according to the school surrounding colours.

We Made

We removed all the existing unhealthy plants in the planter boxes along the foyer and added a combination of ferns with different colors and beautiful foliage to create a more vibrant and welcoming atmosphere to the foyer.



"We decided to work with Benny as he is reliable and make conscious effort to recommend us beautiful indoor plant to make our foyer a welcoming environment to our student."

- Cantonment Primary School Principal