27 Nassim Road

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The landscape outside of the colonial house has not been maintained for a long while, bushes are baring and brown grass patches is a common sight. The place looks dull and lifeless with the dying plants.


The Challenge

Site area: 120 m sq

As the landscape plants are dying, it requires an overhaul of planting around the houses. The challenge is not just in planting but understanding the need of the client for the selection of proper and suitable plants.

We Made

After understanding the clients needs and constraint in taking care of the plants, we introduced plants with minimal maintenance requirement to them. We also turf pearl grass in the shaded area while we turfed carpet grass in the sunny area.

After the makeover, we also impart the knowledge to the client on how to properly maintain the landscape to make it into a better environment.



"ABuzz Landscape advised us on the best recommendation within our budget. Overall, I'm feeling happier and loving my home and environment a lot more than before."
- Home Owner